Thursday, April 27, 2006

Best party ever -- Party Recap

SUPER sorry that I’ve been so lagging on getting anything back up. We were on the road again and all these other people started coming around and I lost my laptop in this crazy-ass fishing village and, well I got another one but then my connection was a PAIN to get back up.

So these friends in Cana got married. They love hosting and used to throw the best parties and everything, so this was a big ole chance to be able to host, but wouldn’t ya know, things kind of got messed up. There were—and I’m not even kidding—a multitide that turned up. So it was like, OK par-tay. Woo hoo! The wine was flowing, bro. Big time.

So I’m sitting there with my mom and one of the caterers comes over and we notice that they are like 100% OUT of the wine. They went through some major juggage, too. Dude. Not happenin. My mom looks at me because, a guy just can’t hide things from his mom. Well not MY mom. She’s intense, dude. She’s in with something deep, I am not kidding. But so anyway, she's on to the little tricks I can pull, like when the guys were hanging out the other night and one was sick and I waved my hand without him noticing and made it go away, so she knows. But I was just like, Ma! It’s not my party, not my deal. And she gave me that LOOK. YOU know the look. The head turns just a leeetle bit, the eyes go like puddles of love, she looks down, too, which just KILLS me, maybe every mom has a different one, but she gives me hers, and then I knew I was gonna do it. So I get the catering dude’s attention and I whisper to him to grab the last jug of wine which has like the last dribbles, and I tell him to put a tiny little dribble into the WATER jugs. He looks at me like I’m nutz. I just smiled. He did it. He brought it back and I tasted it. IT WORKED. He tasted. Dude you have not seen a face like that in your LIFE. He goes and does it to the other water jugs and my friends, the wine flowed alllll past sunset into the night. And it was the best frikken wine you ever had. I know I know. But it worked.

People had SUCH good times. I just kicked back and no one really noticed that I had done anything till like a lot later. Some never even knew. Which is how I preferred it. I wanted everyone to have a good time. A little whingding of my wiley ways and next thing ya know, they were doing just that.

Matthew was hilarious. He was all running around without his shirt, some babe chasing him. Simon was mellow—it was cool. Good times. They all deserved it.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Best. Party. Ever.

Whata weekend! Best. Party. Ever. I don't even know if you'll all believe me when I tell you what went down.

Let's just say I turned my party foul of not bringing any wine around BIG TIME.

will explain later...



No presents! We have nothing for the bride and groom. We totally suck! Forgot wine, too! We're screwed. The rude guests!...dang.



So tomorrow's the day, we're actually on the road to Cana right now. More later,


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yay! Stress free!

Phew! They can all come to the wedding! No problem, they said. Lucky me! If you haven't been reading, I was invited to this wedding this weekend and now that I'm out and about so much I've sort of buddied with these new friends and we're a total team, so it's not like I'm going somewhere and they're not. But so the happy couple-to-be said it was cool if they all come to the wedding, too. They SAID they'd have more than enough of everything.

MUST remember to pick up some wine to bring.


Monday, April 10, 2006

"Let night talk" helps my bud...

Ok, everyone's packing to go to the wedding and psyched but I sill haven’t heard back if it's all right if they all come. (I will admit, though, that really I've always been bad with RSVPs, and I THINK they know that, but ya never know.) I did get a note from my bro Judas, but he can’t make it. So I won’t see him till I get home.

Other than that, I was reading last night, and then the guys came in and we got to talking long into the night, which is always just great. It’s a real thrill—like a rush almost—getting to be the person who turns them on to all the crap I think about all the time. Like the army totally just living here and just other stuff, too.

Oh yeah, that reminds me. Andrew was sayin’ that he was sick, like really sick. He’d been puking and all that, running a fever, the whole shebang. Right before he left to go back with the guys, though he was all, “I feel great. No, I really do, guys. Let’s go for a run!” He’s all enthused ‘n stuff, yelling about how he felt better than he had in years.


But where was I? Oh yeah….I’ll blog about the stuff I’m into at some point, but being on the go as we are, I don’t have the time to get really into my whole views. But hey, this would be a good place to do it, right? Duh.

Back on the wedding we’re going to… hello? Wedding presents? None of these dudes has any money, I don’t really have much, my mom, forget about it. This is gonna take a friggin miracle to work out!


Jesus Jesus


So it’ll be a short entry. Hope everyone’s weekend was good. I’m stressing cuz I accepted this invitation to go to a wedding this next weekend at my friend's in Cana. My mom’s coming and everything. But now I pretty much hang out my these new friends (Andrew, Phil, Nate and Pete) all the time. I can't just bag on them. We're totally tight, now.

But I don’t know if it's OK if they all come to the wedding, too. I am NOT into being rude. I so don't wanna be "that guy". You know what I mean? People all like, "Oh crap, who brought all these freaks?" "THAT guy…" Bad scene. Will update…


Friday, April 07, 2006

In the beginning was the blog

All right. Hi everyone. I finally have my big bad ole blog up and running. I really have been just too busy, ya know? But these friends I’ve been traveling with told me I should just do it since so much has been going on…and of course I got a letter from my mom (hi mom!) and my buddies were all like, come on, J, just make a blog and keep all the troops in the loop! So I have. They totally helped me, though. I couldn’t have done it by myself. The only work I’ve done is with wood, full on carpentry, but some of these new friends helped me make it happen.

We’ve been on the road for a few days and will be for a few more. But so I hope you’re not disappointed if I don’t post something EVERY day. ‘Kay?

And daaang, another spring heatin’ thing up. These guys I met are so funny. The other day it was pretty hot outside, and one of them, this guy Phil, is all like, “can we just sit back and chill?” But I’m all, “no way! We’ll get nowhere if we do that and I’m headed up to Galilee.” Dude totally admits that he’s been sittin on his lazy ass all winter and has no better plan. So I just told it like it was. I said to him: “Follow me.” Everyone’s on board. So we’ve been traipsing all over, really, outdoors A LOT.

These new friends are cool, though. I met this guy Andrew a little while ago after I was hanging out with John.…wait, I’m definitely getting ahead of myself.

Allow me to back up.

To my friends and family: Welcome to the blog, now you’ll know what’s up with me.

To those I don’t know: Hi, thanks for dropping in. I’m Jesus and this is my blog. Let’s get the basics out of the way.

From: Nazareth in Galilee
Age: 30 something (the 30’s really are the new 20s!)
Job: was a carpenter with my dad, now: in between gigs…
Nicknames: J, The Man, The Wood Man, Woody…my family calls me Yeshua, but really, don’t call me that. Josh, the Big Josher, and one dude recently called me the Galilee Hitchhiker, which I thought was just hilarious.

OK, so I’m on the road, headed back to my home state. Met Andrew and we hit it off right away, so then he got his brother Simon to hang with us. Simon is a trip. Intense guy, but not some flake. So after a few days of hanging out I was just like, Simon, dude, you are the most and I mean MOST solid guy I know. So I just started calling him Peter, which is a word for rock, cuz that’s how solid he is---and what’s hilarious is that everyone calls him Peter, now. He’s cool with it, too.

Then we met these other guys, also just nice and like to talk, that’s Phil and Nate. When we first met Nate, he just dissed my hometown (Nazareth! Nazareth!) and took me seriously when I acted offended. Ha! But so now he’s so into it he can’t wait to get there again and meet my bro’s and mom and everyone.

There’s more to tell, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling. Drop a comment if ya want. I have some stories, people. Like one about this CRAZY ass cousin I have. So stay tuned.

And I just gotta mention that I am one LUCKY guy to have friends like these. They’re amazing listeners and THAT is worth a lot.

Till next time,